World on a Wire, Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow

Rhizome of the New Museum

About the Exhibition

Following presentations at Hyundai Motorstudios Beijing and Seoul, the Moscow edition of World on a Wire featured four works, of which half are commissions, by global artists who have expressed themselves through a variety of digital mediums. Their works explore the possibilities and poetics of simulation as an artistic practice. Rhizome of the New Museum collaborated with Garage Digital to create a robust public programming component connecting World on a Wire with the thematically-related Summer 2021 exhibition Assuming Distance at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, which explored speculation as an artistic strategy. World on a Wire in Moscow presented works by Mariia Fedorova, Tabor Robak, Rachel Rossin, and Theo Triantafyllidis.

About the Program

Rhizome and "World on a Wire"

In 2021, Hyundai Motor and Rhizome partnered to support artists working with new and experimental forms.  Established in 1996, Rhizome champions born-digital art and culture through commissions, exhibitions, scholarship, and digital preservation. Since 2003, Rhizome has been an affiliate in residence at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, working with the institution to explore the future of contemporary art and technology. To date, the partnership resulted in World on a Wire, a digital and physical exhibition exploring blurring lines between the virtual and the real. The group exhibition traveled to Hyundai Motorstudios in Beijing, Seoul, and Moscow, with unique institutional partnerships, including with the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow. The project continues online as a generative web-based artwork by Yehwan Song—

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