The Abode of Illusions: The Garden of Zhang Daqian

Yuz Museum

About the Exhibition

The Abode of Illusions: The Garden of Zhang Daqian, featured a group of photographs by Hu Chongxian with inscriptions by Zhang Daqian. This was the first time the artworks have been showcased in China since they left nearly 40 years ago.

Zhang Daqian, master of traditional Chinese painting, designed and built his last garden in the verdant Waishuangxi in Shilin District, Taipei, and named it Moye Jingshe, translated as “Māyā’s Abode” or the “Abode of Illusions.” The exhibition is comprehensive, with scenic landscaping elaborately designed by Zhang. The composition of tiny details from every tree and bush craft the epitome of his enthusiasm for nature and the pursuit of aesthetic perfection.

About the Program

Yuz Museum Partnership

In 2019, Hyundai Motor partnered with the Yuz Museum in Shanghai as part of the ongoing partnership between Hyundai Motor and LACMA, to further connect with global audiences in China. The partnership presented In Production: Art and the Studio System as its inaugural exhibition, featuring works by 24 contemporary artists and emphasized the overlapping histories of visual art and film.

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