Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery Series: Seasons 1-8

Sejong Center for the Performing Arts

About The Series

Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery presented a series of large-scale video installations from over forty artists projected onto the exterior of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.

The series' first five seasons, which featured 25 artists, thematically encapsulated brilliance, including "brilliant city," "brilliant light," "brilliant dream," "brilliant energy," and "because of you." Season 6 featured five collaborative artworks involving a diverse array of artists and creative studios. These works aimed to capture the natural world's sublime aspects, encouraging viewers to transcend their perspectives during the extended COVID-19 pandemic. In Season 7, artists responded to the simultaneous challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and global environmental crises. The artworks empowered viewers to rediscover their resilience and actively seek solutions amid adversity. Season 8 aimed to inspire positive change in the world in Seoul and beyond through virtual media.

Season One: Brilliant City (2015)

Participating Artists:

Keryoon Han (“Fantasy of Old-Palace-Moon”)

Youngkil Yim

Universal Everything (“We are all Unique”)

Yongbaek Lee

Kyoung Tack Hong

Season Two: Brilliant Light (2016)

Participating Artists:

Leenam Lee (“Light being born again”)

Changmin Han

Soodong Lee

Hoyeol Rue


Season Three: Brilliant Dream (2017)

Participating Artists:

Jihoon Byun (“A dream of seeing a waterfall at Gwanghwamun Square”)

MIOON (“Dream relay”)

Jayoung Chung (“Void”)

Yeseung Lee

Min Oh

Season Four: Brilliant Energy (2018)

Participating Artists:

Jihyun Yoon (“Chameleons have not come yet”)

Keryoon Han


Beikyoung Lee

Kyungwoo Han

Season Five: Because of You (2019)

Participating Artists:

JE BAAK (“Dreams Yon Watch”)

Dongjoo Seo (“Movement One Two”)

Shinseungback Kimyonghun (“Flower”)

Yeondoo Jung (“Shine Bright Beautiful Moment”)


Jeongju Jeong

Season Six: This is Us (2020)

Participating Artists:

Yeondoo Jung (“Shine Bright Beautiful Moment”)

Changmin Han (“Da Capo”)

Sangwon Lee (“Memory of multitude: Our daily life that has turned into a painting”)

Kim & Hyun (“Chill Dude Chill”)

Sunghwan Lee/STUDIO SHELTER (“This is Us”)

Season Seven: I’m in Charge (2021)

Participating Artists:

Minha Yang (“Unfamiliar Memories”)

Yangachi (“Galaxy Express, Myeongdong Cathedral”)

Jihyun Yoon (“No Rain”)

Youngkak Cho (“Temperature to flow to Ground”)

Sungrok Choi (“The Earth Power Rider”)

Season Eight: Meta Realities (2022)

Participating Artists:

Yiyun Kang (“Totality”)

Jaehun Park (“Drifting Shadow”

Yaloo (“Super Coral Anti Fragile”)

Sookyun Yang, (“Meta metter-real”) (Sound: YeoNo)

Chansook Choi (“Walk to Ark”)

About the Program

Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery

From 2015 to 2022, Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery presented a series of large-scale video installations projected onto the exterior of  the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, a cultural landmark located in Gwanghwamun Square in the center of Seoul. The artworks were only screened after sunset, brightening up the area with a singular viewing experience, creating a spontaneous way for passersby to interact with art and the city. Over forty artists participated across the eight seasons of this annual public art series, which extended through 2022.

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