Hyundai Art + Tech Public Program

Yuz Museum

About the Program

Yuz Museum engaged with the theme of the exhibition as well as larger questions about the intersection of creativity and innovation through the launch of Hyundai Art + Tech Program. This series of public programs brought together a variety of publics to engage with inspiring and impactful experiences. The program based on the idea of exploring and examining the vast potentials of art-technology convergence and offered a sequence of six events including Conversations and Talks, Animation Workshops, Family Day, Night at the Museum and Digital Arts Festival.

Night at the Museum opened Yuz Museum’s exhibitions for an afterhours celebration emphasizing all things digital. Taking place in the Glass Atrium, this event attracted young audiences and welcomed them into the museum space after dark. The ’Art + Technology’ theme was integrated into the art, food, drinks & entertainment for the visitors, while “Particle Conjecture,” a special ‘Art + Tech’ commission by contemporary dance company Moon Theatre served as a highlight of the evening’s activities. Commissioned for the Hyundai Art+Tech Program, Moon Theatre and independent dancers, revolving around space, movement, energy, and time, compose “Particle Conjecture” integrating visual installations, experimental music, physical theater and other art media to explore unique expression in museum spaces. The new installation performance explored these conjectures together with the participants.

The Digital Arts Festival encouraged socialization and publicization of art and tech, creating a new platform as an educational practice to explore the link between museums and universities. Through simultaneous display of on-site projects and hosting talks, the program provided an innovative educational exchange for art and tech practitioners as well as art lovers. The program explored the influence of digital tech from multiple perspectives and provided experience for the forces of science and technology art in an interactive way.

About the Program

Yuz Museum Partnership

In 2019, Hyundai Motor partnered with the Yuz Museum in Shanghai as part of the ongoing partnership between Hyundai Motor and LACMA, to further connect with global audiences in China. The partnership presented In Production: Art and the Studio System as its inaugural exhibition, featuring works by 24 contemporary artists and emphasized the overlapping histories of visual art and film.

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