About the Exhibition

Dream·Monolith·Revelation presented hard core space technology/Space Art in collaboration with the artists Akihiro Kubota ARTSAT.JP, Shen Shaomin, Liu Xin, Cristina De Middel, Charles Lindsay, Timur Si-Qin, Qin Ga, and Anton Vidokle. The exhibition explored cosmology, specifically regarding the interactions between humans and the universe. The audiences experienced a travel of time and space in embodiment. During the trip, the audiences went through three chapters of stories successively—Departure with a Dream, Place with a Monolith, and Return with a Revelation. In this story-based exhibition, however, the works were not presented simply in correspondence to the text of the story section-by-section but rather served as a process for decoding the story. The exhibition tried to define “Aerospace Art” through the lens of art and science as well as question its categorization at the realm of life.

The exhibition was curated by Fiona Wang You, the awardees of Hyundai Blue Prize Art + Tech 2021.

About the Program

Hyundai Blue Prize Art + Tech

The Hyundai Blue Prize Art + Tech is an annual open call and award program designed to inspire the creativity of emerging Chinese curators engaging with art and technology. We encourage thematic exhibition proposals that fosters a collective discussion on the long-term vision of a shared future, then offer six curators one-on-one mentorship to further expand their ideas, connect with the broader global art world, and explore their full potential. Two finalists are given the opportunity to present their projects at Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing.

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