About the Exhibition

They reflect on societies and urban spaces from the perspective of technological history and use games as metaphors for the interactions in these domains. “Coordinate System” symbolizes the reference system of all abstract concepts of things, and “Sky Box” refers to the six planes that constitute the sky and the earth in the virtual space. The exhibition consists of both online interface and offline exhibition space, for which the rules are established jointly by the curators and artists. Through the online interface, audiences can interact with the overall exhibition, and experience their identities and perspectives switching between the virtual and the real world.

About the Program

Hyundai Blue Prize Art + Tech

The Hyundai Blue Prize Art + Tech is an annual open call and award program designed to inspire the creativity of emerging Chinese curators engaging with art and technology. We encourage thematic exhibition proposals that fosters a collective discussion on the long-term vision of a shared future, then offer six curators one-on-one mentorship to further expand their ideas, connect with the broader global art world, and explore their full potential. Two finalists are given the opportunity to present their projects at Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing.

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