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The 1st  VH AWARD

A still from A JOURNEY (2015) by JE BAAK, 3D RPG animation, 27min 29sec loop
A still from A JOURNEY (2015) by JE BAAK, 3D RPG animation, 27min 29sec loop

VH AWARD discovers and supports emerging Asian media artists engaged with the context and future of Asia.

About the Works

Grand Prix, Je Baak, A Journey

A Journey invites the viewer to travel around a surrealistic world filled with symbols like innocent children’s inquiries. Baak transforms the virtual reality of RPG games into the place of contemplation, and allows viewers to experience the world full of symbolic elements and situations from the perspective of a traveler, and by doing so, poetically expresses the various questions that the viewers encounter during their training in a journey called ‘life’.

Finalist, Sukjoon Jang, Flatcity

Flatcity represents the virtual reality within an online map system, mimicking the motion of zooming in and out with a drone camera as its tool. The modern cityscape enclosed within the flat computer screen is perceived with the zooming in and out activities with mouse scrolling movements. Images recorded in various locations are divided by each coordinate’s frame, and perpendicularly ambulate between the parts and whole of scenery to draw a novel, sensuous media-landscape.

Finalist, Sungjae Lee, Avyakrta

Avyakrta uses high-speed cinematography to represent the long-term process of transformation in the human body and mind, and the constant and eternal relationship between individuals and groups. As the serene, slow mountain viewed from distance yet consists of small and fast elements, AVYAKRTA is composed of small elements such as humans and trees, which move at gradual pace within abstract structure.