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Bloomberg Brilliant Ideas: Diana Thater

The Multifaceted Video Art of Diana Thater | Brilliant Ideas


About the Film

Magenta, yellow, green, and blue: colors featured in works of video artist Diana Thater are extremely artificial. Employing intense colors that make one’s eyes smart, Thater creates a space applied with vivid colors by a color filter through combination of light and gel, or glass sheets. Colors are hard to be described. Each color can be subject to various interpretations, without any definite (or shared) words or stories that represent a color.Visitors, however, can directly feel the colors. Here, Thater aims to provide an opportunity for the visitors to sense the delicacy of the shades of the colors. Various colors and unlimited imagination come together in Thater’s work, through the 19th episode of Brilliant Ideas brought to you by Bloomberg and Hyundai Motor discover Diana Thater.

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About Bloomberg

For three years, beginning in 2015, Hyundai Motor partnered with Bloomberg to develop “Brilliant Ideas,” a series of videos profiling the most exciting artists working today, which aired on Bloomberg TV and online. In 2018, we extended our partnership to produce “ART + TECHNOLOGY,” a video series exploring science and technology, and how breakthroughs impact contemporary art and everyday life, including robotics, the blockchain, and AI. Our partnership with Bloomberg creates opportunities for audiences worldwide to connect across boundaries by engaging with art and new ideas. Both series remain available to stream online, with new episodes of “ART + TECHNOLOGY” presented through Spring 2024.

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