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An animated globe spins on its axis. Colored yellow and blue, the globe shifts and changes shape, becoming squashed, stretched, inverted and torn open, before returning  to its original round shape.

Legendary graphic designer Norio Nakamura returns to his seminal archive to capture Artlab’s world for our digital commissions series.

Artlab Editors | September 14, 2023


A levitating robot is depicted against a solid blue backdrop. It is stands upright, arms extended outwards on either side, while a crows watches on.

2023 Artlab Editorial Fellow Skye Arundhati Thomas considers the impact of automation and AI on labor practices through the artworks of Bangalore-based Tara Kelton, who merges art and technology to unveil the hidden algorithms that alter contemporary life in the Global South and beyond.

Skye Arundhati Thomas, 2023 Artlab Editorial Fellow | August 26, 2023


A solitary bicycle stands at the intersection of NE 2nd Ave and NE 78 St in Little Haiti, Miami. An empty street stretches out, with a green building and a traffic light in the backdrop.

In the first of a three-part series about the rapidly changing city of Miami and impact on its arts communities, 2023 Artlab Editorial Fellow Laurie Rojas gets acquainted with Miami, the wild south of the art world. In her reported essay, she speaks to artists in Little Haiti about their experience as she contemplates her recent move from Berlin to Hialeah.

Laurie Rojas, 2023 Artlab Editorial Fellow | August 22, 2023


A video montage of nautral scnes, installation scenes, an image of a rober, a hand holding a block of ice.

The 2023 LACMA Art + Technology Lab grant recipients apply art to technology, experimenting with new ways to address climate, obstacles, and ethics.

Travis Diehl | August 16, 2023


Animated sequence displaying the formation of a complex grey abstract shape.

For the first time, the Artlab Digital Commission program asked two artists, Belgrade-based Aleksandra Jovanić and Ivana Dama in Los Angeles, to merge their respective practices to interpret the spirit of our decentralized, ever-evolving global ecosystem. Their process was quite literal.

Elizaveta Shneyderman | August 08, 2023


A pixel animation featuring a building with windows illuminated with colored lights that form letters.

Our recurring column Virtual Horizons examines how a city’s history connects with the contemporary art scene of today, and how artists imagine the future. In Copenhagen, we take a bike ride through town to reveal the built and imagined environment—from art as advertising, to planetary architecture.

Hunter Braithwaite | July 20, 2023


A fast-forward map doodling made by James Paterson, titled 'Versions of Ourselves', created in 2023. The abstract artwork, featuring intricate line drawings, is set against a vibrant blue background.

For the first time, the 2023 Artlab Editorial Fellows Laurie Rojas and Skye Arundhati Thomas meet with our advisory committee to talk about art writing’s place, purpose, and pleasures.

Artlab Editorial Fellowship Committee, 2023 Artlab Editorial Fellows | July 13, 2023


An animation displaying several images with a moving striped transparent overlay overlaid by Korean characters and text reading "virtual horizons".

We explore stories of Art and the Planetary at Hyundai Tate Research Centre: Transnational’s symposium during the opening week of the 14th Gwangju Biennale.

Hunter Braithwaite | June 22, 2023


Three tapestry artworks displayed in a room bathed in soft blue light.

Take a hike with Artlab Editorial to explore a new exhibition by artist Sarah Rosalena, a LACMA Art + Technology Lab grant recipient.

Christina Catherine Martinez | June 16, 2023


An animation of lush golden botanical-like shapes.

Artlab Editors check in with Sougwen Chung, an artist, researcher, and the founder of Scilicet, a London-based studio exploring human and non-human art-making. An alumna of the MIT Media Lab, Chung has helped revolutionize research related to human-machine collaborative systems.

Artlab Editors | June 07, 2023


A hand adorned with a bracelet holding a pen, jotting down notes.

Tate Curator Nabila Abdel Nabi discusses the framing of ‘Islamic art’ and methods of decolonization within the museum.

Artlab Editors | May 23, 2023


Vertical sliding manhole covers with "Virtual Horizons New York" inscribed on them.

It’s the artist’s job to think about the future. From the streets of New York this spring, here are the results.

Hunter Braithwaite | May 16, 2023


Three individuals stand outdoor at night, engrossed in reviewing papers. One of them holds a lamp emitting a warm glow, illuminating their focused faces and the papers in hand.

Subash Thebe Limbu took home the Grand Prix in the 5th VH AWARD with his sci-fi film "Ladhamba Tayem; Future Continuous." On the occasion of the competition, art critic Dawn Chan discussed the inspiration behind his work alongside the four other finalists. Part 2 of her Q&A features zzyw on "Other Spring," Limbu on "Ladhamba Tayem; Future Continuous," and Zike He on "Random Access."

Dawn Chan | May 02, 2023


A theater curtain provides a backdrop for an adult, presumably a teacher, instructing students seated in a single row of desks. The students all wear matching blue socks. The image captures a behind-the-scenes moment from Su Hui-Yu's "The Space Warriors and the Digigrave".

On the occasion of the 5th VH AWARD—which supports emerging media artists in Asia—art critic Dawn Chan sat down with the five finalists to discuss what inspired their artworks. Part one of our Q&A features Riar Rizaldi on Fossilis, and Su Hui-Yu on The Space Warriors and the Digigrave.

Artlab Editors | May 02, 2023


A silvery puddle spread across a rough concrete surface, reflecting dim light.

Using AI tools, Ezra Miller creates images and videos that are realer than real. Here, he speaks with writer and curator Elizaveta Shneyderman about his show at Nahmad Contemporary and his Artlab Digital Commission.

Artlab Editors | April 20, 2023


A dynamic animation depicting sinuous lines in various colors.

We sat down with the members of the Artlab Editorial Fellowship advisory committee to hear about their paths to writing, what they are proud of, and more.

Artlab Editors | March 20, 2023


Illuminated lines forming geometric shapes in blue, yellow, red, and green on a black background.

Code, text, and visual art are the core fulcrums artist Zach Lieberman leveraged to create Hyundai Artlab’s latest Digital Commission. Artlab’s Editors sat down with the artist who discusses how working as openly as possible offers opportunity for decentralized thinking, making invisible connections visible, and the importance of sharing joy.

Artlab Editors | March 10, 2023


Assorted sweets showcased on a glass stand with cover, situated on an wood coffee table.

The collective Crypton discusses "Koko Killing Island," their work from PROJECT HASHTAG 2022 that navigates virtual reality, hyperobjects, and the collective power of decentralized thinking.

Artlab Editors | March 03, 2023


A visual study of light emitting outward energy by Zach Lieberman. The image is a blend of glowing lines in shades of blue, pink, and yellow, against a dark background. The effect is akin to a lens flare, creating a space-like atmosphere.

We’re on the lookout for two writers dedicated to their geographic regions who explore today’s social issues through the lens of contemporary art.

Artlab Editors | February 28, 2023


Animated image titled "Virtual Horizons Los Angeles" featuring a smooth transition of vivid orange hues.

We land in Los Angeles to discuss the Felix Art Fair, LACMA Art + Technology Lab, and the city's history as a site of cultural confluence in the first Virtual Horizons dispatch.

Hunter Braithwaite | February 13, 2023


A vibrant, digital art still in electric blue.

How do raves offer space for counter-narratives, placemaking, and remembrance? Writer Michelle Lhooq digs into one of the collectives behind PROJECT HASHTAG 2022, Lost Air, and places their raves that reclaim lost space in dialogue with performances in Los Angeles and New York.

Michelle Lhooq | January 26, 2023


A hand sketching with a pencil on a white paper.

Maria Balshaw, Frances Morris, Catherine Wood, and Fiontán Moran discuss Cecilia Vicuña’s path to her Hyundai Commission, Brain Forest Quipu, at Tate Modern.

Artlab Editors | January 18, 2023


An animation of a tape with "Hundai Artlab" repeated on it, rolling horizontally against a black background.

The Artlab Editors take a refracted look back at our first year of publishing work from writers across the globe—and discover themes that echo across geographies.

Artlab Editors | December 27, 2022


Side view of a large ark installation made from recycled cardboard and metallic materials.

Where do we come from, and where are we going? Inside a cavernous gallery at MMCA, writer Shannon Lee reflects upon Choe U-Ram’s newest exhibition, Little Ark, and questions how we define progress—both cultural and personal.

Shannon Lee | December 21, 2022


Art and sculpture exhibition with picture frames.

From gold robes to laboratory flasks to smashed glass, the artists across The Space Between: The Modern in Korean Art provide a glimpse into the path from Modern toward Contemporary Korea. Writer Scarlet Cheng interviews exhibition curator Dr. Virginia Moon, and reviews the exhibition through selections of oil paintings, works on paper, photographs, and sculptures.

Scarlet Cheng | December 13, 2022


A long, red jelly-like arrow moving in a circular, snake-like manner.

The visual language of economics—and the stock images of growth, progress, and trends that come with it—are a source of inspiration for artist Katja Novitskova. On the occasion of her Artlab Digital Commission, Artlab Editorial talked with the artist about collaboration, JPEGs, and pulling ideas from the past.

Artlab Editors | December 08, 2022


View from the center of a massive windchime installation, shot from a worm's eye view.

Sharing the same interest in poetry, writer Barry Schwabsky unspools Vicuña’s own vocabulary, from her words to her works, to consider how her quipus read like “three-dimensional script that cannot in the end be read, but whose effect is felt.”

Barry Schwabsky | November 07, 2022


An art installation of lavender structure encased in transparent purple glass, situated in a bright white gallery.

From Museo Tamayo in Mexico City to the 2021 Liverpool Biennial, Manuela Moscoso has advocated for an international, inclusive understanding of curation—a version of the practice that trades the lineral for the lateral, and looks to a global chorus of perspectives instead of an established orthodoxy. As the Executive Director of the Center for Art, Research and Alliances, which opens in New York this October, Moscoso’s work expands upon the ethos of transnational curation. We caught up with her to talk movement versus place, curating while breathing, and transnationality.

Artlab Editors | October 19, 2022


A woman is standing next to a felt curtain in an art installation.

“Listening is her medium,” writes Julie Baumgardner of artist Cecilia Vicuña, one of the great contemporary Chilean artists. On the occasion of Vicuña’s Hyundai Commission at Tate’s Turbine Hall, Baumgardner traces Vicuña’s career from her earliest moments sensing the wind, water, tar, and sand from the Chilean coast.

Julie Baumgardner | October 14, 2022


An abstract digital painting featuring a blend of painted patterns in electric blue and water-like textures.

On the occasion of Artlab’s first Digital Commission, our editors chat with artist Ram Han about her creative practice.

Artlab Editors | October 01, 2022


An illustration showcasing a stone encircled by a ring, floating above a tablet displaying vibrant windows, set against a colorful backdrop.

Blockchain is changing how we care for art. Critic Orit Gat discusses how technology reframes the creation, conservation, and curation of artworks online.

Orit Gat | September 26, 2022


Image of a person on a boat's stern a large fish from a vivid blue sea.

Claire L. Evans on the speculative visions of three thought-provoking artists.

Claire L. Evans | September 16, 2022


A animation of a city square under a pink sky, with objects continuously morphing into different shapes.

On the occasion of Kiaf Seoul and Frieze Seoul, Andrew Russeth shares some can't-miss exhibitions, institutions, and cultural destinations in the bustling Korean capital.

Andrew Russeth | September 01, 2022


Abstract pink art displayed on multiple large advertisement screens, set against the backdrop of city buildings in Times Square.

Charlotte Kent on how Nancy Baker Cahill’s “Slipstream Times Square” transformed the busy commercial hub into a space of meditation.

Charlotte Kent | August 22, 2022


The Gothic and medieval cathedral stands tall against a city skyline, with a towering steeple and intricate design. Construction cranes stand atop the building.

This summer, we reached out to a handful of fellow travelers with a simple request: tell us about a trip you made, or a place you went, for art.

Artlab Editors | August 10, 2022


Animation of a tape labeled "Hyundai Artlab" rolling horizontally on a black background.

What conditions do artists need to thrive? The Artlab team shares their thoughts on co-creating the contemporary, the importance of building resilient networks, and functioning like parts of a living system.

Artlab Editors | July 27, 2022


An atmospheric view of Earth from space during the daytime with a floating, gold nanosatellite.

Samantha Culp traces the origins of a singular program—and hints at what's to come.

Samantha Culp | July 07, 2022


A wooden signpost with multiple directions stands in an outdoor setting surrounded by nature, with a white cylindrical building featuring a round roof in the background.

An interview with Lawrence Lek about the worlds he creates—both virtual and real—where humans and machines live together.

Claire Voon | June 24, 2022


Please provide image labels.

In a conversation with the artist, Monica Uszerowicz traces the myriad layers and imaginings of Yunchul Kim, who is representing South Korea at this year’s Venice Biennale.

Monica Uszerowicz | June 14, 2022


A cylindrical exhibition showroom stands outdoors, surrounded by other exhibition rooms nestled amid nature.

Dean Kissick travels through Yunchul Kim’s journey of body and soul—and takes us along for the ride.

Dean Kissick | June 14, 2022


Black and white posters depicting hands grabbing, accompanied by red captions, displayed in a gallery room.

Wendy Vogel digs into the politics and power of Barbara Kruger, whose work has blasted through boundaries for more than thirty years.

Wendy Vogel | May 19, 2022


A painting in a golden frame depicting fish, airships and a person in a bathing suit pointing up.

As Surrealism moved across oceans and continents, a commitment to social progress remained a core, yet little recognized, tenet of the movement.

Allie Biswas | May 03, 2022


A metallic art installation reminiscent of a snake node is suspended from the ceiling in a gallery hall, surrounded by other diverse art pieces.

From the first Biennale di Venezia in 1895 to the OVRs of today, the ways we view art have changed—but perhaps not quite as much as we think.

Hunter Braithwaite | May 03, 2022


People form a circle while lying on a dark blue floor, with one individual spread out at the center.

How three different artists use experimental media to critique and celebrate the many possibilities of our shared future.

Rahel Aima | May 03, 2022


A black and white graphic featuring a book with a black cover and the white title "Artlab Editorial".

A new destination for critical engagement with contemporary art from around the globe.

Artlab Editors | May 03, 2022


A digital art image showcasing multiple three-dimensional, rectangular shapes in varying colors. Each shape is labeled with different text, all within a composition titled "World on a Wire".

When we encounter art and ideas, our thoughts and understandings of the world change direction. Artlab Editors reflect on these refractions, and how art reveals the malleability of perception.

Artlab Editors | January 20, 2022